Surgical cap tutorial

Thanks to Kathy Salceies and her friends Dorothy and Dude for this tutorial on how to make the surgical caps.

 First pick your fabrics, gear them towards kids if possible

Next using your pattern you cut out caps using a rotary cutter

Next iron the caps and press a 3/4″ hem all the way around, no need to starch- a steam iron is fine.

Next sew a simple casing all around the edge leaving about 1/4″ to get a small safety pin through

Pull 18″ of 1/4″ elastic through the casing and tie.  Close the casing opening, catching the elastic ends in the stitching to anchor.

Working hard to finsih the daily quota…

Hello??? It’s easy! Join me in making caps for kids

Ta da! I finished pile of caps for kids!

Dude likes to show off his cap